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Global trade of EV charger

The global trade of EV chargers is experiencing significant growth due to the increasing adoption of electric vehicles worldwide. Countries are importing and exporting EV chargers to meet the rising demand with key ps including China Europe and the United States. The trade is driven by government policies promoting sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emissions.

Product Overview and Reference
Type 2 A0 Smart AC Charging Point


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11KW 3PIC-CPD Portable AC Charger

Three-phase mode 2、TUV certification、Type A + DC6mA、Current 6~16A output adjustable、LCD+LED indicator、Touch button、Easy to operateplug&play、Scheduled&delayed charging、IP66、Relay welding inspection

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Fast Home Charger DC 40KW

Support European standard CCS2  American standard CCS1 choose any kinds of DC charger

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CCS Simulator&PLC

Suitcase- plastic case test simulatorprotection class P65

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