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    Can I track my energy usage for each session?

  • Yes. The EVSE Link Charge mobile app can show a real time energy usage in kWh. Also, you can go to Record to ind all your charging records with energy details.

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    Why does charger keep charging my car during non-scheduled hours?

  • In order to prevent some models that do not support scheduled charging from entering deep sleep mode during the non-scheduled period and cannot be woken up when it is time for charging, EVSE Link charger will charge your car to keep it awake at a very low charging rage.

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    What size circuit breaker do I need for my EVSE Link charger?

  • EVSE Link charger doesn’t have a circuit breaker built-in. To reduce the risk of ire, make sure to connect your charger to a circuit with a branch circuit over current protection of 125% of the selected max amperage setting of the device in accordance with local codes and ordinances. So if you have the 40A version of EVSE Link charger, you’ll need a 50A breaker, and if you have the 48A version, a 60A breaker will be needed.

  • You must need Wi-Fi connection to set up your charger for theirst time. After setup, if your network is down or disconnected, EVSE Link charger will still charge your car on schedule. If you need to charge sooner, use the RFID card to start charging your vehicle right away.